“Physiology of today is the medicine of tomorrow”

Ernest Henry Starling, Physiologist (1926)

What are we doing?

We are currently conducting integrative studies to understand how the human cardiovascular system is affected by both health and disease.

Research Subjects Needed

Interested in participating? We are currently enrolling both healthy able-bodied and spinal cord injured individuals. Check out current projects in the “Projects” pull-down.

Scientific Conferences

We regularly present our newest research at scientific conferences each year. Click here for information about recent conferences we have attended. // April 15-17, 2016...

Dr. Chris Minson named first Singer Professorship

Pictured: Dr. Chris Minson, Dr. Ken & Kenda Singer, Dept Head Dr. Li-Shan Chou // This is the first endowed professorship established for Human...

Need more information…

Interested in being a research subject?

You can email Brett Ely, or call 541-346-4507

Are you a Human Physiology major and want to join this lab?

Apply online to be an Undergraduate Research Assistant for any of the HPHY labs, including the Human Cardiovascular Control Lab (HPHY URA Application).

Are you applying for the Research-Intensive MS/PhD program and want to join this lab?

You can email the Lab Director, Christopher T. Minson, PhD.